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Norfolk is a smaller version of Richmond, so if you like Richmond, Norfolk may seem dull. Because it's not Norfolk, VA Beach or Richmond. I've lived in Chesapeake for ~20 years and Norfolk ~5 years and I work in VA Beach. VA Beach is the second safest of the Hampton Roads cities behind Chesapeake and maybe suffolk. Norfolk has Granby Theater, The Palace on Plume and VA Beach has Peabodys. Best/Worst Things Both Norfolk and Richmond have experienced a lot of urban decay over the years but it seems much more prevalent in Richmond from what I've seen. Downtown Norfolk I would say is the area south of Brambleton Ave, west of Tidewater Drive and east of Boush Street. Out of the three I think Norfolk and Richmond are probably the best.

Safety Richmond/Norfolk have similar crime stats but honestly just like in Richmond if you know the areas in Norfolk you'll never have any issues.

Haha, maybe I like Richmond better because I grew up here. For your interests I would definitely recommend Norfolk over Virginia Beach. Richmond has a lot of state gov't jobs and Norfolk has a lot of military so either way a lot of government employees. His employer pays $10K more for his position in Richmond than Hampton Roads. By relocating to Richmond with the same company, the same money bought a 2500sqft place with a basement. Norfolk is popping off with the new Arts District, there are many great Richmond-esque places to get drinks/food in Ghent, and it's a lot cleaner than Richmond.

I like VA Beach the best because its a really good place to live, sadly though its what you expect from a suburbs, parents with kids. Distance Most cities in Hampton Roads are about 15-20 minutes from each other with Norfolk being more or less central to all of them. A friend worked in Hampton Roads then in Richmond. In my opinion, Chesapeake seems way too suburb and VA Beach is inundated with chain restaurants and locales and lacks any real sort of character.

Cant speak for Richmond and I feel i've only been to bad areas of it.

Norfolk has started an arts district recently that has taken off and is starting to really make a name for itself. I haven't been to often to the RVA area to give an opinion on some of the questions but here goes: Which place has better dance clubs? I like Norfolk. I prefer Norfolk.

As long as you work/live on the same side of the water around Hampton Roads you won't notice much traffic. most of commercial district of Norfolk is the taller midrise to high rise buildings and the area encompassing it is midrise apartment buildings. I only really like west end and downtown Richmond honestly, and not the other parts. I probably get stuck for an hour of traffic every 3 months on my Norfolk-VA Beach.

From VB you can go to just about anything in Norfolk and not have to live there.

I visited VAB and Norfolk before, but not enough in my opinion. Norfolk has a higher male population than Richmond. For example: Which place has better dance clubs? Norfolk also has some pages like Ghent Crushes which make the dating scene seem pretty active. Which place has better parking/ traffic?

The technology people I know are all leaving/mostly left Hampton Roads though.

That is interesting, I wonder why they pay less in Hampton Roads. I want an honest compare and contrast from those who have lived or traveled to both areas. I honestly don't know much about activities in RVA but Hampton Roads has the Virginia Marine Science Museum, Norfolk Zoo, Ocean Breeze and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, plus the beaches. Norfolk I'm going to have to say is probably the worst of the three. .

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