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By: drussellross | July 06, 2017

Richmond / Norfolk Area

But you're right in that our water channels draw the Hampton Roads cities together in a way that excludes Richmond. Well yes and no, Williamsburg is about the midway point between Richmond and VB geographically and is still considered Hampton Roads. I think here it might be a chicken and egg thing, but I'm a journalist not a master of economics. nova is expanding south.

Regarding DC's expansion south, that was brought up and the feeling I got was that they were more interested in expanding north, joining those hubs. Abolish the independent cities, and form a greater City of Hampton Roads.

True, but Hampton Roads cities are already vastly different. And yea, I agree HRVA localities aren't as cohesive as they could be and this feels like putting the cart before the horse. lastly, we can't get hampton roads localities to work together, so good luck getting another locality in the mix. It was a very interesting presentation this morning that sounded very positive, but I anticipate some push back.

But it appears that conversations are already happening with RIC.

It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. dc is already running into baltimore and creating the megalopolis corridor from nyc to dc Great points for this discussion! I think a big benefit is the infrastructure improvements.

hrva and rva are very similiar, especially in terms of traffic , so there's no way they're going to entice us to move there. Changing laws can inspire growth and change in a community, and growth must inspire change in legislation as well. It does feel a little strong-armed, especially around here where the region can be perceived as adverse to change. a few more thoughts: the map line is odd as it connects southside to rva.

rva maybe on board for both, but i'll bet money they start courting nova residents/companies to get them to move there as a replacement for nova.

Legislation is definitely part of it, but business interests are at the core of it, I believe. Let's take two areas that are vastly different in almost every way and call them one area. I'm interested to do more reading and research on the expansion of all Virginia cities.

James City County and Gloucester are probably more like Richmond's sprawl than like Virginia Beach or Norfolk. .

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